Our Story

MCQ pool is the brain child of faculties of medical sciences working in different colleges and universities. In the modern information age, it is not that the access to the information is difficult, it is rather the credibility and  authenticity of information at hand that becomes an issue. The internet has amassed a virtual tsunami of information offered by all sorts of sources and not all sources can be trusted. 

Therefore, our mission at MCQ pool is to provide evidence based study material. We provide quality MCQs with proper explanation and references from a team of academicians, the question setters, all in one place to ease the process of learning and assessment of gained knowledge. You as a knowledge seeker should be able to judge which one to trust, since trusting the wrong source of information alone can decide whether you excel in your studies or fall into pitfalls as you eye for success.

It encompasses multiple choice questions  for different programs covering varied subjects subdivided into individual chapters and grouped as per difficulty level to make learning easy. Furthermore  users can save MCQs for review, helping you to select the important questions which you feel is important for 11 th hour revision during exams. 

We welcome you to be part of the initiative and help us spread the word MCQpool among your peers. 

We intend making learning fun and we are constantly brainstorming to bring about new ideas to the platform to ease the learning process. If you have any ideas on it, feel free to pass it on.